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Friday, April 1, 2011 | 1:27 AM | 0 Comment
i feel the wind blow in this place
there i see the star beyond this window pane
shining so bright
here in this night
here i feel the sense of love
deep in my heart
i cry for you
every tear that falls feels like a wound
the stars in the sky
gently shine
taking away my pain

i hear a voice gently saying
don't be afraid
i feel the warmth come over me
as i sleep in their embrace

and even though i..

do not have the strength to go on
even though i try to hold on
this love will never ever be meant for me
but i'll keep on smiling
even though my dreams won't come true
i'll remember every moment with you
like the stars that shine forever
i'll treasure my love
for you . . .

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